Article 44General Provisions

44-2.Programs Outside Work Day
44-3.Custodial Duties
44-4.Washrooms and Rest Areas
44-5.Daily Cleaning
44-6.Faculty Meeting Reports
44-7.Duties Outside Bargaining Unit
44-8.Off-Street Parking
44-9.Lunch Areas
44-10.Intercom Signals
44-11.Classroom Space for Bilingual and Special Education Teachers
44-12.Work Opportunities
44-13.Participation in Strike
44-14.Selection of Materials by High School Music Teachers
44-15.Notice of Changes in Contact Information
44-16.Employee Visits to School Premises
44-17.Notice of Resignation or Retirement
44-18.Employee Identification Numbers and Use of Social Security Numbers
44-19.Software Applications
44-20.Teacher Access to Technology
44-21.Limitations on Paperwork
44-22.Confidential Computerized Information
44-23.Professional Development Certifications
44-24.Interpreters During Report Card Pick-Up
44-25.Respectful Working Environment
44-26.Nursing Mothers
44-27.National Board Certification
44-28.Availability of BOARD Policies and Procedures
44-29.Distribution of BOARD Publications
44-30.Lesson Planning
44-31.Ad Hoc Professional Problems Committees
44-33.Grading Practices
44-34.Subcontracting of Certified Nursing Services
44-35.Records time
44-36.IEP Interpreter Stipend
44-37.Student Debt Information and Training