The purpose of this Agreement is to reaffirm the parties’ common responsibility to maintain a collaborative and collegial collective bargaining relationship that furthers the parties’ shared goal of delivering high quality instructional programs and significantly advancing a well-rounded public education for the students of the Chicago public school system. Through free and open dialogue, the parties have identified the educational objectives for the Chicago Public Schools (hereinafter referred to as “CPS”) and have designed this Agreement to further those objectives through good faith cooperation now and in the future.

The parties firmly believe that a well-rounded public education is an absolute necessity for any graduate to be considered college-, career- and citizenship-ready. The parties also recognize that a well-rounded public education includes, but is by no means limited to, providing students with an enriched, diverse and comprehensive curriculum that allows them to obtain essential knowledge and skills; engage in critical and creative thinking; develop independent inquiry skills and an appreciation for the arts, music and literature; improve their physical and emotional health; prepare for leadership roles in their communities; attain the technical skills necessary to become career-ready; develop the academic discipline and proficiency in the intelligent use of technology necessary to become college-ready; and ultimately graduate from the Chicago public school system prepared to become productive and self-confident citizens capable of ethical participation in a free and democratic society.

In addition, the parties recognize that the achievement of these educational objectives requires substantial short- and long-term financial investments in public education and that the fulfillment of the aspirations described in this Preamble will require dramatic and cooperative changes in education funding at the federal, state and local levels; a commitment to good faith collaboration; mutual agreement on priorities and values; and the adoption of proven or research-based educational methods and instructional practices.

Furthermore, to foster a cosmopolitan spirit and better develop CPS students as tolerant and unbiased citizens, the BOARD and the UNION shall work affirmatively to the end that each student may have the educational advantage of an integrated school.

Finally, this Agreement is intended to affirm that the parties’ shared goals will only be achieved if bargaining unit employees are fairly and adequately recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the educational process and provided with a wholesome work environment based on mutual respect and the highest level of professionalism. The guiding principles set forth in this Preamble shall remain at the forefront of the parties’ negotiations now and in the years to come until these shared educational aspirations become a reality for each and every student and employee of the Chicago public school system.