Article 1Recognition

1-1.Representative Unit
1-2.Recognition of UNION
1-3.Designation of Representatives
1-4.Resolution of Grievances and Professional Problems
1-5.Exchange of Information
1-6.Dues Checkoff
1-7.United Credit Union Deductions
1-9.Annuity or Mutual Fund Deductions
1-10.Chicago Teachers Union Political Action Committee Deductions
1-11.Regular Leadership Meetings
1-12.Professional Problems Committees
1-13.Staff Lists
1-14.Periods for UNION and Local School Council Business
1-15.Access to BOARD Premises
1-16.Mutually Scheduled Meetings
1-17.Leaves of Absence for Union Business or Elected Public Office
1-18.Posting or Distribution of Union Materials
1-19.Union Meetings
1-20.Conflicts with Statutes, Rules or Regulations
1-21.UNION Delegates
1-22.Reproduction of Agreement