9-14. School Clerks

9-14.1. Review of Staffing Formula

The BOARD shall review annually the current school clerk staffing to allow modification of staffing of school clerks at any work location where such a need is determined by the BOARD.

9-14.2. Substitute School Clerks

The BOARD will allocate $300,000.00 each year for additional substitute school clerks who will be assigned to perform the duties of absent school clerks in those schools with less than two clerks beginning with the second day of absence, and in all other schools, beginning with the fourth day of absence.

9-14.3. Staffing, Student Orientation and Articulation Days

School clerks authorized by BOARD action to work on student orientation and articulation days in the weeks preceding the first employee work day of a new school year shall be paid at the school clerk’s regular rate of salary. Every school shall have a school clerk I. Effective with the 2013-2014 school year, school clerks shall be assigned to work three work days more than teachers assigned to their schools which shall be scheduled on the three days before teachers commence the school year. School clerks shall be paid their regular hourly rate of pay on those three days, which are reflected in Appendix A.

9-14.4. Professional Development

The BOARD and the UNION recognize the value of professional orientation workshops and in-service meetings. Two workshops per year shall be scheduled in order to provide school clerks with new techniques required to fill their job responsibilities and to familiarize school clerks with new technology utilized by the BOARD.

9-14.5. School Clerk Assistant

Any regular school clerk assistant assigned in a school clerk I position for a period of ten consecutive school days shall be paid at the appropriate step of the school clerk I salary schedule and staffed in the position, effective on the twenty-first eleventh consecutive school day. Upon the assignment or transfer of a regular school clerk I to said position, the school clerk assistant shall revert to the former pay status as a school clerk assistant.

9-14.6. Training

All school clerks shall be provided necessary training in Kronos, attendance management and internal accounts, as well as the implementation of any new programs or responsibilities that are introduced into the schools and performed by the school clerks. Such training shall be provided annually during normal work hours. When such training is provided, the BOARD shall determine the nature, extent, location and duration of the training.

9-14.7. School Clerk Duties

The BOARD shall clearly delineate the duties of the school clerk. Registration and enrollment responsibilities shall be performed primarily by bargaining unit employees.