Article 9Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel

9-1.Work Schedule and Work Space
9-2.PSRP Professional Support and Evaluation Plan
9-3.Security After Working Hours
9-4.PSRP Duties and Responsibilities
9-5.Transfer Windows
9-6.Governing Policies and Procedures
9-7.Staff Development
9-8.Administrative Transfers
9-9.Advance Step Placement
9-10.Layoff and Recall
9-11.Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel and No Child Left Behind Act
9-12.Truant Officers
9-13.School Library Assistants
9-14.School Clerks
9-15.Audiometric and Vision Screening Technicians
9-16.Teacher Assistants
9-17.School Assistants
9-18.Computer Technicians and Technology Coordinators I, II and III
9-19.American Sign Language Interpreters Regular School Day
9-20.PSRP Probationary Period
9-21.Financial Support for Teacher Candidates