36-3. Payroll Procedures

36-3.1. Payroll Cycle

All bargaining unit employees shall be on the same payroll cycle.

36-3.2. Payroll Periods

A payroll period is a fourteen-calendar-day period commencing on a Sunday and ending on the second Saturday following such Sunday. Bargaining unit employees shall be paid for each payroll period on the Friday that follows thirteen days after the end of such payroll period.

36-3.3. Pay Plan

Effective beginning with the 2013-2014 work year, the BOARD shall cease its deferred pay plan. The BOARD shall develop a transition plan by December 31, 2012 and shall bargain with the UNION over the impact of the transition, including the impact on employees in Track E schools. All deductions shall be prorated over each payroll period over the course of the work year. The BOARD and the UNION shall implement an employee communication and resources plan to jointly select a bank or financial institute that can and assist employees who plan to establish personalized deferred pay accounts with their own banks or financial institutions that will allow them to direct a portion of their compensation into a savings or other account to be available during unpaid break periods. The BOARD shall work to make establishing such deferred pay accounts with the selected bank or financial institution as simple and efficient for employees as possible.

36-3.4. Payroll Schedule

For each Fiscal Year, the BOARD shall publish a payroll schedule that will reflect the pay dates for each payroll period and a concomitant schedule for deductions.

36-3.5. Payroll Corrections

Principals and head administrators shall submit payroll corrections immediately upon verification of a payroll error. Salary adjustments shall be remitted to the teacher as soon as practicable and no later than the next payroll period.