21-13. Work Load for Special Educators and PSRPs

21-13.1. Development of Work Load Plan

In accordance with Sections 226.730 and 226.735 of the Illinois State Board of Education Rules and Regulations, as they read on June 30, 2015, the BOARD shall develop, in cooperation with the UNION, a plan specifying limits on the work load of its special education teachers to ensure that all services required under the students’ Individualized Educational Programs, as well as all needed ancillary and support services, will be provided at the requisite level of intensity. This plan shall include a procedure for special education teachers to report when they believe their workloads do not comply with the plan and shall contain a method for expeditiously and efficiently resolving any non-compliance. By January 1, 2013, through the parties’ Special Education and Case Management Committee, the parties shall review and assess the plan as required by this Section, and the plan shall be amended as necessary or appropriate based on the review and assessment of such committee.

21-13.2. Limitations on Work Load

Bargaining unit employees who work with students with disabilities shall not be required to exceed caseloads, class sizes, limits on ratios of students with disabilities to general education students and limits on ratios of students with disabilities to teachers and PSRPs as required under law.