Article 21Special Education Teachers

21-1.Definition of Special Education Teacher
21-2.Temporarily Assigned Teachers
21-3.Lane Advancement
21-4.Submission of Applications
21-5.Development, Implementation and Progress Monitoring of Individualized Education Program of Individualized Education Program
21-6.Meetings Among Clinicians
21-7.In-Service Meetings
21-8.New High School Special Education Teachers of Students with Cognitive Disabilities or Autism
21-9.Student Referrals
21-11.Duties Expected of Special Education Faculty
21-12.Faculty Meetings
21-13.Work Load for Special Educators and PSRPs
21-14.Individualized Education Program Meetings
21-15.Training and Resource Materials
21-16.Release Time to Complete Individualized Education Programs
21-18.Case Load Development
21-19.Special Education Student Ratio
21-20.Special Education Position Funding