Appendix CProcedures for Waivers for the Duration of This Agreement

  1. The school principal shall meet with the faculty during the school day to discuss any proposal which may require a waiver from any provision of this Agreement.

  2. In order to secure a waiver from any provision of this Agreement, a secret ballot vote shall be conducted among all UNION members assigned to the school.

  3. The procedures for conducting such a vote shall be mutually agreed upon between the principal and the school delegate. If no school delegate has been appointed or elected to the school, then procedures shall be agreed upon without delay with a UNION representative. The principal will post the proposed waiver at least forty-eight hours prior to the vote. The UNION may schedule a private meeting at the school with the bargaining unit members prior to the vote.

  4. A majority of fifty percent plus one of the UNION members voting shall be required to approve a waiver. A waiver that is rejected may not be submitted more than once in any school year.

  5. If the waiver is approved, the principal and the school delegate shall sign the waiver indicating that the voting procedures were followed and reporting the results of the vote.

  6. Copies of this approved waiver shall be forwarded immediately to the Office of Employee Engagement and the UNION.

  7. The approved waiver automatically terminates at the conclusion of the school year.

  8. Failure to implement the procedure, failure to implement the approved waiver or improper implementation of the approved waiver shall be subject to the grievance procedure pursuant to Article 3.

  9. The BOARD shall develop and distribute procedures for waivers of BOARD policies and procedures.