8-2. Teacher Leaders

8-2.1. Placement

Teacher leaders shall be placed in teacher positions with a value of 1.2, and all such salary is pensionable under Article 36-4.1.

8-2.2. Regular Work Day

Teacher leaders shall work an eight-hour work day exclusive of a forty-five-minute lunch period with no work responsibilities. The eight-hour work day shall include two ten-minute breaks.

8-2.3. Additional Work Hours

If in any payroll period a teacher leader’s hours of work exceed eighty hours, the BOARD shall pay the teacher leader for the additional time at his or her hourly rate of pay.

8-2.4. Reclassification

The BOARD may reclassify teacher leader positions to regular teacher positions with a 1.0 value at the BOARD’s sole discretion at the conclusion of a school year.