7-6. Supply Money

Each Fiscal Year, the BOARD shall appropriate sufficient funds to each school or unit to reimburse teachers, counselors, clinicians, and speech-language paraeducators up to $250.00 per employee for instructional supplies and materials, classroom library books and therapeutic materials purchased by them for student instruction and support. Principals and head administrators shall approve the reimbursements in accordance with the procedures developed by BOARD, and such reimbursements shall be paid by the end of the semester in which the receipts were submitted. Employees shall be reimbursed for reasonable purchases for classroom and school use. Additionally, the BOARD procedures will make clear that purchases by teachers, counselors, clinicians, and speech-language paraeducators are presumed to be reasonable and will not be denied for reimbursement unless clearly outside of a reasonable classroom or school use consistent with Board policy. If certain categories of purchases are being denied for reimbursement, the BOARD and the UNION shall meet and discuss whether they are reasonable and, if determined to be reasonable, the BOARD shall authorize an expeditious reimbursement. No later than the start of the 2020-21 school year, the BOARD shall retain mutually agreed upon vendors where bargaining unit employees in each of the above-listed titles can purchase supplies from prepaid accounts in the amount of up to $250.00 per year.