6-1. Regular School Day

The high school day may begin and end at different times from school to school as determined at the local school level following discussion between the principal and local school faculty, but shall not exceed 435 minutes in length for a high school teacher. The high school teacher is to be in his or her room with the class ready to teach at the time designated on the teacher’s schedule. The regular school day shall consist of eight fifty-minute periods, including five teaching periods, and up to thirty-five minutes of passing periods. Any special bell schedule that involves teacher supervision of students shall deduct time spent supervising students from the regular class periods. High school teachers shall have a continuous lunch period of fifty minutes with no work responsibilities, except that, if the regular lunch period is shortened to less than fifty minutes, the teacher’s school day shall be shortened an equal number of minutes. Teachers’ lunch shall not be scheduled before the first scheduled student lunch period and shall not be scheduled after the last scheduled student lunch period. Each teacher’s schedule shall include seven fifty-minute duty-free, self-directed preparation periods per week. Each teacher’s schedule shall include three principal-directed preparation periods per week, which shall be used only for staff development, teacher collaboration, advisory (one per week), department meetings, subject area team meetings and other professional preparation activities.