Article 6High School

6-1.Regular School Day
6-2.Model High School Schedules
6-3.Advisory Periods
6-4.Consultation with Department Chairs
6-5.Placement of Students in Advanced Placement and Other Specialized or Leveled Classes
6-6.World Language Classes
6-7.Determination of Professional Development Activities
6-8.Art Facilities
6-9.Mathematics Classrooms
6-10.Availability of Chorus and Instrumental Music and Science Rooms
6-11.Department Meetings
6-12.Guest Speakers
6-13.Professional Journals
6-15.Training for Newspaper and Yearbook Sponsors
6-17.Materials Service Centers
6-18.Late Arrival or Early Departure
6-19.Science Laboratory Teachers
6-20.Rehabilitation Surveys
6-21.World Language Recommendations
6-22.Duty Schedules
6-23.Screening and Searching of Students
6-24.Nomination and Election of Department Chairs
6-25.Maximum Teacher Periods for Certain Teachers