48-2. Management Rights

The BOARD shall not be required to bargain over matters of inherent managerial policy within the meaning of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act or Illinois School Code, which shall include such areas of discretion or policy as the functions of the BOARD, standards of services, its overall budget, the organizational structure and selection of new employees and direction of employees; provided, that in order to preserve the rights of the parties predating this Agreement, the BOARD shall be required to bargain collectively with regard to any matter concerning wages, hours or conditions of employment about which they have bargained for and agreed to in a collective bargaining agreement prior to the date of this Agreement; provided further, that nothing herein shall affect the rights of the UNION or any employee under Article 3. The BOARD, however, shall be required to bargain collectively with the UNION with regard to policy matters directly affecting wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment as well as the impact thereon upon request by the UNION.