46-7. Sanctuary Schools and Sanctuary Employer


In the spirit of Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982), the BOARD has consistently afforded students access to a high quality public education at CPS regardless of their immigration status and is committed to continue this practice.


CPS is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) designated “sensitive location” in which ICE enforcement activities would pose a severe disruption to the learning environment and educational setting for students and their families.


The BOARD and UNION jointly declare that the buildings and grounds of CPS Schools are sanctuary spaces for all students, parents, administrators, bargaining unit members, and community members at the school for school-related business and jointly commit to defend the right to a free and safe learning environment to the extent permitted by law.


School personnel shall not inquire about or record a student’s or a family member’s immigration status, nor shall the Board collect or retain information regarding the immigration status of any CPS students or their families.

Except by a court order, CPS shall not disclose to ICE any information regarding the immigration status of any CPS student. CPS will not disclose to anyone other than ICE any immigration information pertaining to any CPS student except pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The BOARD recognizes the trust families place in them and shall not voluntarily divulge information to immigration agents to the fullest extent possible under the law.


Upon request by ICE agents to enter CPS school grounds or to obtain or review CPS records, CPS administration shall verify the immigration agent’s credentials, ask the agent why the agent is requesting access, and require a criminal judicial warrant signed by a federal judge.

CPS shall not admit ICE agents based upon an administrative warrant, ICE detainer, or other document issued by an agency enforcing civil immigration law.


In the interest of ensuring the success of the commitments made in this article, the BOARD and the UNION shall meet to develop a training program for staff on how to appropriately respond to ICE agents should they request entrance to the school facilities or grounds as well as proactive steps to aid students and families in obtaining legal or other assistance with immigration enforcement actions.

The BOARD and UNION shall also discuss matters pertaining to the issues of Sanctuary employers and schools as requested.


CPS Employees shall not face any BOARD discipline for following the policies contained in this Article.


The provisions contained within this article shall in no way prohibit the BOARD from honoring and complying with a duly authorized warrant and in no way shall obligate the Employer or any of its agents to violate any State or Federal statutes.