46-3. Quality Bilingual Education/Professional Development


The BOARD and the UNION shall work collaboratively in a CTU/CPS Joint Standing Bilingual Education Committee to assess the bilingual education programs across the district to identify and to assist in planning on how to address areas of need.


The BOARD shall provide consistent, high quality, paid professional development related to instruction for English Learners during the school day to teachers who provide instruction to English Learners in grades Pre-K to 12th. This professional development may, but not solely, be delivered by the English Learner Program Teacher. English Learners are defined in this Article as defined in 23 Ill. Admin. Code Sec. 228.10 excluding students needing services whose parents have refused bilingual services.


Principals shall inform bilingual education teachers at the end of the school year for the upcoming school year the amount of funds that have been allocated in the school budget for bilingual education resources and materials and shall work with the bilingual education teachers to identify which resources and materials will be purchased to best serve the needs of English Learners Principals shall be encouraged to use Guidance, developed by the Joint Bilingual Education Committee, on the allocation and use of these funds.