46-1. General Provision

In order to implement the joint policy of the BOARD and the UNION to work affirmatively to give each student the advantage of an integrated school and a comprehensive world view, the BOARD agrees as follows: (a) in concert with the UNION, to encourage appointed teachers to apply for transfers under the provisions of this Agreement; (b) in concert with the UNION, to encourage the extensive use of curriculum, texts and supplementary materials that represent contributions made to civilization by all elements of our population; and (c) as funds are available, to develop programs and select schools to receive the services and personnel required to deal comprehensively and effectively with the total needs of a student in a school so that all elements of a sound educational structure are present, such as drastically reduced class size, additional teachers, additional counselors, reading specialists, clinicians and teacher assistants.

46-1.1. School Community Representatives

The BOARD shall fund a School Community Representative at each school with 75 to 139 students in temporary living situations (STLS). The BOARD shall fund two School Community Representatives in schools with 140 or more students in temporary living situations. Student numbers to be measured on the last day of the 1st semester of the prior school year with any adjustments to be made on the 10th day of school of the current school year. The School Community Representative will be responsible for STLS coordination and actively work to remove barriers to enrollment, healthcare intervention, provide support and resources for families to access to housing, early intervention, attendance and success, and all other responsibilities per federal guidelines for students with the STLS designation.

46-1.2. STLS Liaison Stipends

The BOARD shall also provide paid stipends to schools for STLS Liaisons, according to the following schedule:

  • 1 stipend for each school with 20 to 25 students in temporary living situations

  • 2 stipends for each school with 26 to 40 students in temporary living situations

  • 3 stipends for each school with 41 to 74 students in temporary living situations

46-1.3. School Community Representatives and STLS Liaison Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities for the School Community Representatives and the STLS Liaisons include working with families to determine STLS status, enrolling students in school and in the STLS program, and distributing bus cards to students. These employees are also responsible for maintaining on-going communications with STLS students and families and providing these families with referrals to District and community resources that may address barriers to enrollment, attendance, and success in school.

46-1.4. Review of Services to Homeless Students

The Board shall establish a quarterly meeting with the CTU that enables the parties to evaluate the efficacy of services to homeless students alongside leaders in CPS’ STLS Department.