Article 4Elementary School

4-1.Regular School Day
4-2.Model Early Childhood and Elementary Schedules
4-3.Beginning and Ending Times
4-4.Duty Schedules
4-5.Scheduling of Preparation Periods
4-6.Scheduling of Library, Physical Education and Arts Education Programs
4-7.Cancellation or Shortening of Recess Period
4-8.Review of Recess Program
4-9.Late Arrival or Early Departure
4-10.Determination of Professional Development Activities
4-11.Start of Department Classes
4-12.Supervision of Students
4-13.Half Day Early Childhood and Kindergarten
4-14.Placement of Students Completing Preschool or Kindergarten
4-15.Travel Time
4-16.Non-Teaching Time for Early Childhood and Kindergarten Teachers
4-17.Student Matriculation Dates
4-19.Elementary Beginning of School Preparation Periods