39-6. Unsatisfactory Substitutes

The Board, in consultation with the Substitute Professional Problems Committee, will establish a performance improvement process for day-to-day substitutes to be implemented at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. For day-to-day substitutes performing unsatisfactorily requiring performance improvement, Whenever a day-to-day substitute receives an unsatisfactory rating, the Talent Office shall schedule a conference with said the day-to-day substitute and the UNION to give the day-to-day substitute a written copy of the reasons for the unsatisfactory rating statement of the performance deficiencies, to discuss the reasons the performance deficiencies, and to give positive suggestions for performance improvement to the day-to-day substitute. The services with the school system of day-to-day substitutes shall be terminated as provided for in the performance improvement process or if there is evidence of moral laxity or serious misconduct.