38-2. [Untitled]

When TATs are released due to the return from a leave of an appointed teacher to the school, such TATs shall be permitted the following benefits:


TATs so released shall be reassigned, effective the first day of student attendance of the school year, or thereafter, by the Talent Office to the Cadre and shall be continuously available to perform substitute service.

Further, they shall accept all assignments in any and every school. Displaced TATs who become members of the Cadre shall continue to be eligible for all medical and dental benefits granted to TATs for twelve calendar months after reassignment to the Cadre provided said teachers remain in the Cadre. Displaced TATs assigned to the Cadre shall be paid the daily rate set forth in Appendix A-1J(i) or A-1J(ii). Released TATs serving in the Cadre shall be given the opportunity to apply and be interviewed for vacant positions throughout the school year. The Talent Office shall maintain a list of released TATs in order to assist principals in filling vacancies. A TAT released from a school will not be reassigned to a vacancy temporarily filled by another TAT.


A displaced TAT who becomes a member of the Cadre may be selected at any time by a principal to fill an existing vacancy provided that this reassignment is consistent with the area of certification required for said vacancy.

If reinstated as a TAT, said teacher shall be placed on the appropriate lane and step of the salary schedule and shall receive all benefits herein provided to TATs. If the displaced TAT is assigned to the position of an appointed teacher on leave, the TAT shall remain as a TAT as defined in Article 23-6.1. Otherwise, if the displaced TAT is assigned to a vacancy consistent with the TAT’s area of certification, the TAT shall become a probationary teacher as defined in Article 23-3.


The BOARD and the UNION agree that said displaced TATs shall be included in the number of Cadre substitutes maintained by the BOARD under the provisions of Article 27-2.

If the number of released TATs causes the size of the Cadre to exceed the specified three hundred members from September to November 1 or nine hundred members from November 1 through the end of the school year, the BOARD shall increase the size of the Cadre to accommodate inclusion of any released TATs.