33-6. Conference Leave

Bargaining unit employees, including any selected by the UNION, may be granted leave with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer and with authorization from the BOARD to attend, without loss of salary, conferences, meetings, workshops or conventions of professional organizations which in the judgment of the Chief Executive Officer are beneficial or related to the work of the schools, or a commencement exercise at which a degree is being conferred on the employee. Such leave to attend a commencement exercise shall be limited to one day.


When a bargaining unit employee applies for a leave under the provisions of Board Rule 4-14(e), pertaining to leave to attend conferences, the application shall be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope

The Talent Office shall provide written notification of the approval or disapproval of said leave to the applicant within twenty-five school days after the receipt of the application by the Talent Office.


Bargaining unit employees requesting paid leave to attend professional conferences, meetings, workshops or conventions, or to receive university degrees, must submit a form containing complete documentation to his or her principal or supervisor at least four weeks prior to the requested leave date

Within two weeks of receiving complete documentation from the employee, the principal or supervisor shall notify the employee whether the request has been granted or denied.