32-7. Wellness Program

32-7.1. Creation of Program and Employee Benefits Handbook

The BOARD shall create a Wellness Program as a feature of its health care plan (“Plan”) for employees and their covered spouses, civil union partners or domestic partners (collectively referred to as “covered individuals”). The Wellness Program shall be set forth in the Employee Benefits Handbook (“Handbook”), which shall govern its operations, the terms and conditions of enrollment, opt-out elections and involuntary exclusions from the program. The Handbook shall govern the terms and conditions of the program exclusively, and its dispute resolution procedures shall be used exclusively to resolve disputes between the BOARD and covered individuals. The Wellness Program and Handbook shall be reviewed by the LMCC and shall not be modified without approval from the LMCC.

32-7.2. Enrollment

Effective January 1, 2013, all covered individuals who enroll in the Plan will either opt-in or opt-out of the Wellness Program; an employee who fails either to opt-in or opt-out or fails to participate in the Wellness Program to reduce health risk factors as provided in this Article will pay the contribution differential described in Article 32-7.5. The BOARD shall develop procedures for individuals to opt-out of the Wellness Program, and opt-out decisions will be made at the time of enrollment or at the BOARD’s annual Benefits Open Enrollment.

32-7.3. Elements of Wellness Program

The Wellness Program will be designed as follows: (a) provide annual and periodic health risk questionnaires and biometric assessments for covered individuals by a medical professional; (b) create a wellness plan for covered individuals; (c) require that covered individuals participate in wellness activities to the extent required by the Wellness Program; and (d) create incentives and disincentives for behaviors that are inconsistent with good health and wellness.