30-9. Restorative Justice Practices

30-9.1. Climate and Culture

The BOARD and the UNION acknowledge the importance of creating a positive climate and culture in every school that is conducive to learning. Staff, families, students and community members all play a role in creating this positive school climate. The BOARD and UNION are committed to creating safe, inclusive, and positive environments that support academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success for all students. Restorative Justice practices are ways for a school community to build relationships, problem solve, and learn.

30-9.2. School Climate Discipline Plan

The BOARD shall receive recommendations from the faculty and staff of each school to improve the culture and climate of the school in order to implement the BOARD’s commitment to Restorative Justice practices, Social Emotional Learning, and Safety. Each school’s Professional Problems Committee shall develop and annually review a school climate discipline plan.

30-9.3. Restorative Practices Curriculum and Training

The BOARD and the UNION shall work collaboratively with local restorative practice community experts to develop curriculum and training modules to train school communities, individual teachers, and parents on restorative practices.