3-4. Appearances and Representation at Conferences

3-4.1. Conferences

Conferences held under this grievance procedure shall be scheduled at a time and place which will afford a fair and reasonable opportunity for all persons entitled to be present to attend, including witnesses. The UNION shall have the right to be present at each stage of the grievance procedure and to present its views and introduce evidence. Every effort shall be made to hold such conferences during the school day and when held during the school day all participants shall be entitled to attend without loss of pay.

3-4.2. Failure to Appear

If the grievant fails to appear at a scheduled grievance conference, and fails to appear at another grievance conference scheduled at the grievant’s or the UNION’s request, the grievance shall be deemed to have been resolved, provided that the grievant was given notification of said conference in accordance with the appropriate step of the grievance procedure. The provisions of Article 3-5 are applicable in the scheduling of said conferences.