27-3. Using Appointed Teachers or TATs to Provide Class Coverage

The BOARD agrees, in principle, that no teacher shall be requested to assume responsibility for students from classrooms of absent teachers when substitutes are unavailable. In elementary schools, middle schools, education and vocational CTE guidance centers and high schools, at no time should special education classes nor special programs, such as library, physical education, shop, TESL, bilingual or special reading classes, be discontinued so that substitute service may be performed by teachers of these programs, except in the case of emergencies, in which case the above teachers shall be subject to last call, with special education teachers the very last to be called, after available non-teaching certificated personnel have been assigned.

27-3.1. Substitute Teachers for High-needs Schools

CPS shall pay substitute teachers additional compensation when they agree to serve at high-needs schools, as identified by CPS.

27-3.2. Special Education Substitute Teachers

CPS will work with CTU to develop appropriate special education training for substitutes. CPS shall pay retiree substitute teachers with special education licenses additional compensation at rates agreed upon with the Union when they serve as substitutes in a special education capacity.