21-20. Special Education Position Funding

The Board shall provide centralized funding for special education teacher positions. The Board shall develop a process to evaluate and adjust funding allocations for special education teacher and paraprofessional positions. The Joint Committee will develop a timeline and provide input into the process to evaluate and adjust funding allocation for special education positions.

21-20.1. Data Access

A Special Education teacher shall have access to the assessment data, grade book, grades, student roster and attendance data for all students served by the Special Education teacher, including any general education students in that teacher’s co-teaching classroom.

21-20.2. Reserved

21-20.3. Teaching Location Assignment Changes

When a Special Education Teacher is required to change teaching location and/or room assignment during the school year, the teacher may submit a request to the Principal to have specialized furniture, equipment, and specialized supplies to be moved. If such a request is made, the Principal shall arrange for the equipment and supplies to be moved.

21-20.4. Lesson Preparations

Where administratively possible, the number of lesson preparations for Special Education inclusion and co-teachers in high school shall not exceed three, and every effort shall be made to keep the number at two.

21-20.5. Common Preparation Periods

Where administratively possible, Principals shall make every effort to program special and general education teachers so that co-teachers have common preparation periods. Principals may also use Principal-directed preparation periods to provide for preparation time for co-teachers.