20-2. Counselors

20-2.1. Testing

20-2.1(a)Elementary and Middle Schools

Wherever possible, no more than forty students shall be tested at any one time.

20-2.1(b)High Schools

Wherever possible, no more than eighty students shall be tested at any one time.

20-2.2. Professional Orientation and Staff Development

A professional orientation meeting for counselors shall be held once each year during the regular school day. The BOARD shall also conduct one annual staff development workshop for counselors to review the duties and responsibilities of counselors. School administrators shall schedule beginning of the year activities requiring counselor involvement so that said activities do not prevent counselors from attending beginning of the school year all staff orientation and professional development. The BOARD shall provide counselors with additional release time for professional development specific to counseling during the school day and year.

20-2.3. Elementary Staffing Formula

20-2.3(a)General Objective

The recommendation of the 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth of a counselee-counselor ratio of six hundred to one at the elementary level is accepted as a desirable goal.


All elementary schools shall be allocated a 1.0 elementary school counselor position.

20-2.4. New Buildings

New buildings shall include adequate space to conduct interviews and meetings and provide counseling for students.

20-2.5. Guidance Staff Lists

A list of schools with the names of principals and counselors shall be sent to each elementary and high school for the guidance staff.

20-2.6. Counselor Duties

In programming and directing the work of an Elementary, Middle, and High School counselor, a principal shall endeavor to assign duties to the counselor that are consistent with the CPS Reach Framework for School Counselors which will remain aligned with the recommendations of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) or other recognized organizations, except when such recommendations are inconsistent with the responsibilities expected of all faculty members or BOARD or local school level administrative and educational requirements.. Principals will ensure that School Counselors are given adequate time during the school day to deliver Tier 1, 2, and 3 student supports and counseling activities. Disagreements over this Section shall be resolved initially by the counselor, the principal and the Professional Problems Committee.