18-8. Student Conduct Creating Safety Hazard

18-8.1. Notification of Principal

Whenever a CTE teacher determines that the classroom conduct of a student may create a safety hazard for said student or for other students enrolled in the class, the CTE teacher shall immediately notify the principal or the principal’s designee, requesting exclusion of that student, stating in writing the reasons therefore.

18-8.2. Exclusion

Upon receipt of written directions from the principal or the principal’s designee as to where the student is to be sent, the student may be excluded from that CTE related shop or laboratory environment.

18-8.3. Investigation and Disposition

The principal or the principal’s designee shall immediately investigate the matter. Based on the findings of the investigation and a conference with the CTE teacher and other appropriate members of staff, as determined by the principal, the principal shall determine the disposition of the matter.