18-3. Programming

CTE teachers on regular day programs shall not have more than twenty-five teaching periods per week. CTE teachers on an extended day program shall have no more than thirty teaching periods week. The length of classes shall vary from one period to four periods not to exceed twenty-five periods per week or thirty periods per week for extended day programs.

Where administratively possible, no more than one class should be programmed for any CTE area at any given time. The principal shall consult with the CTE department chairperson and CTE teachers in connection with programming. Each CTE teacher, in conjunction with the school counselor and programmer, shall develop a student roster for the next school year. Student participation in CTE programs is to be based on the student CTE high school entrance application and/or student interest activities. Prior to March 1, each department chairperson shall submit written recommendations to the principal or the principal’s designee concerning the programming of CTE for the following school year.