18-18. Career and Technical Education General


Career and Technical Education Teachers in approved Career and Technical Education programs teaching 6 periods per day shall be paid their base salary plus twenty percent of their base salary Funding is to be covered by the school.


CTE programs opened by a school with the support of Career and Technical Education must remain in effect for a minimum of 5 school years before consideration to close the program is considered, except for financial reasons


School Administrators shall consult with the school LSC prior to closing a CTE program CTE programs shall not be closed or removed from schools without prior approval of the Chief Officer of College and Career Success or designee. The Chief Officer of College and Career Success or designee shall advise and consult with the Union prior to approving the closure of a CTE program.

18-18.4. CTE Program Expansion

The BOARD, in consultation with the UNION through the Joint CTE Committee, shall continue to plan opportunities for Career and Technical Education program expansion in CPS neighborhood high schools.