12-2. Sustainable Community Schools

As part of the partnership required by the School Code, the BOARD shall obtain funding from external agencies and/or in-kind donations to fund between 20 and 55 fund and thereafter maintain a minimum of 20 75 community schools, which shall include the 20 sustainable community schools currently in operation for the existing during the 20189-19 20 school year. The BOARD and the UNION will jointly evaluate these 20 schools during the 2019-20 school year and will determine the continuation of these schools and any expansion of the Sustainable Community Schools program in future years. The BOARD agrees to maintain, for each year of the Agreement, the level of funding currently provided for the 2019-20 school year for Sustainable Community Schools for support of a community schools initiative. The Task Force referenced below will decide upon the list of a minimum of 20 Sustainable Community Schools to receive funding for SY 2020-21 and thereafter.

The Board and the Union agree to form a 20-person task force, with 10 persons appointed by each, to effectuate, monitor and implement the following initiatives with respect to these community schools:

o An agreed process to select the schools

o Consultation with LSC, principals and community members

o Program elements may include, without limitation:

§ Medical or mental health services available to the school community

§ The expansion of after-school programs

§ The expansion of facility use for students or the school community

§ Social-emotional supports/trauma interventions

§ Parent mentor and home visit program

§ Restorative Justice Coordinator and professional development for parents, students and staff

§ Clinical services and community programming

§ STLS coordinator, homelessness services, truancy supports, food pantry

o Coordination of City and Park District services

The Board and Union agree that members of the task force shall not have a conflict of interest in the selection and delivery of services to the sustainable community schools.

The BOARD and the UNION agree to jointly assess the functioning of the Task Force and make recommendations for its improvement.