1-18. Posting or Distribution of Union Materials

1-18.1. Bulletin Boards

The UNION shall be provided adequate bulletin board space in a place readily accessible to and normally frequented by all bargaining unit employees in each school or unit for the posting of official notices and other official materials relating to Union activities. The bulletin board space allocated shall be identified with the name of the UNION, the name of the UNION delegates and the names of the members of the Professional Problems Committee. UNION delegates and authorized UNION representatives shall be responsible for the content and maintenance of the bulletin board.

1-18.2. Mailboxes

UNION delegates, officers and authorized UNION representatives shall have the right to place materials in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees. Materials placed in mailboxes shall be restricted to official communications from the UNION or communications signed by the UNION delegate. A copy of all materials placed in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees by the UNION shall simultaneously be placed in the principal’s or head administrator’s mailbox.