Know Your Rights

Teacher Quality Pool

Click here to download the June 2013 Know Your Rights flyer on the Teacher Quality Pool.

Below is the text:

  1. What is the Teacher Quality Pool? The Teacher Quality Pool (TQP hereafter) is a pool of pre-qualified teachers from which the board will do all hiring of teachers beginning in school year 2013-14.

    Note: Appendix H of the Agreement refers to the TQP as the Teacher Eligibility List.
  2. How does someone become part of the TQP? It depends on your status, your previous efficiency rating and whether you have been continuously employed by CPS. See questions below for specific details.
  3. Who is assured of admission to the TQP? Tenured teachers whose rating of record is a superior or excellent and who do not have a break in service of two years or more. These teachers will be invited to apply and will need to fill out an on-line application but will not have to go through additional steps to gain admission to the pool.
  4. Who must take additional steps to apply to be in the TQP? All candidates for teaching positions who are either:

    1. New to CPS
    2. Laid off or non-renewed PATs and TATs
    3. Tenured teachers (regardless of rating) who have been out of the system for more than two years
    4. Former tenured teachers (even if away less than two years) whose last rating was satisfactory or unsatisfactory
    5. Non-tenured teachers seeking to be rehired
  5. What additional steps must be taken by the teachers covered by #4?

    • These teachers must either be NBCT Certified (only applies to teachers new to CPS)


    • They must obtain statements of support from two administrators who have personal knowledge of their teaching practice. If this is not possible the Talent office may allow alternative statements from a non-administrator.


      A successful screening interview at a selection event (job fair)


    • A successful telephone screening by Board-selected administrators


    • “Recommended” or “Highly Recommended” assessment on NBT Review Application Questions in Candidate Gateway (only applies to teachers new to CPS)
  6. Are there any exceptions to the rule that all hiring will be done through TQP? The only exception is for teachers who are obtaining new positions as a result of Administrative Transfers from one school to another. For teachers at closing/turn-around schools, the time period for such transfers has just been extended until the end of this school year.