Article 44-21 |

Limitations on Paperwork |

If the BOARD, principals or other administrators require bargaining unit employees to complete any additional paperwork on a regular basis that is not required by law, whether the work is by paper or electronic, the BOARD shall reasonably mitigate the additional paperwork increase by eliminating other clerical work or paperwork for bargaining unit employees.

It is important that you track and document paperwork demands imposed on you and your colleagues. Problems about paperwork can be brought to the PPC as an agenda item. They can ask for removal of another paperwork requirement if one is being added. If attempts to resolve this aren’t successful, you or your delegate can contact your field rep to file a grievance. You can use forms provided under “Resources” to do help you.

See also Article 44-30 for information on what can and cannot be mandated in Lesson Planning.

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