Article 28-3 |

Class Size Monitoring Process |

One or more joint BOARD-UNION panels shall be established to monitor concerns regarding class size brought to its attention by the UNION. Each panel shall be composed of up to two former teachers, up to two former principals and a representative of the Office of Employee Engagement and shall meet on a bi-weekly basis. When the panel investigates a referral from a school, the panel shall promptly notify the Local School Council, and a parent representative chosen by the Local School Council may join the panel. Each panel shall have authority to make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer with a copy submitted to the UNION President to resolve class size concerns, including, but not limited to, the following: assignment of a teacher assistant, addition of an extra preparation period, reorganized classes or class schedules, additional compensation, additional positions, staggered starting and ending class times, modified school boundaries, establishment of alternative sites and institution of multi-age groupings, split shifts or controlled enrollment. Each panel also shall issue reports semi-annually to the Offices of Employee and Labor Relations and the joint BOARD-UNION Class Size Supervisory Committee.

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