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Definition of Career and Technical Education |

Career and Technical Education (“CTE”), formerly known as Education to Careers (“ETC”) and Practical Arts or Vocational Education (“PAVE”), refers to and includes the following approved industry and career-related programming:practical arts and vocational education, technology education, engineering, business, cooperative education, home economics and vocational education. These career pathways include the following: agriculture; horticulture; food and natural resources; architecture and construction; arts; audio and video; technology and communications; business management and administration; education and training; finance; government and public administration; health science; hospitality and tourism; human services; information technology; law; public safety; corrections and security; manufacturing; marketing; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (“STEM”); transportation; distribution and logistics as defined by the Illinois Programs of Study Guide. The parties understand that the BOARD has not and may not implement all career clusters.

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