Article 7-6 |

Supply Money |

Each Fiscal Year, the BOARD shall appropriate sufficient funds to each school or unit to reimburse teachers, clinicians and speech-language paraeducators up to $250.00 per employee for instructional supplies and materials, classroom library books and therapeutic materials purchased by them for student instruction and support. Principals and head administrators shall approve the reimbursements in accordance with the procedures developed by BOARD, and such reimbursements shall be paid by the end of the semester in which the receipts were submitted.

While supply money was limited to classroom teaches under previous contracts, clinicians, and Speech-Language PSRPs are now entitled to this allowance as well.

You must submit receipts and the materials must be for classroom or therapeutic use. If a deadline for submission is set by the Board or school administrator, this must be clearly posted and affected staff should be notified in a timely manner.

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